Past Services

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

This morning we will draw on the Jewish High Holy Days for our inspiration.  Much of our music will be from the Jewish tradition and our youth will be performing their own adaptation of the Biblical story of Jonah and the Ninevites.  The Rev. Tom Rosiello will preach a sermon entitled "Letting Go" based on the Yom Kippur teaching that once a year we need to take stock of our lives and find ways to "let go" of past hurts, wrongs, and even our guilt of not doing what we ought to have done.  Sometimes forgiveness can be the most difficult thing asked of us. Sometimes, because of the magnitude of the wrong committed, it doesn't feel just or right to forgive.  Even forgiving ourselves is no easy task. This morning we will focus on the importance of this practice of "letting go" of rancor, hurt, and disappointment so that we can begin our lives anew.

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

In the Words of the Prophet Amos: "Let Justice Roll Down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." This morning we will draw on the teachings of the prophets of many ages and faiths who emphasized that it was justice and righteousness that is at the heart of true religion. We will explore together the ways we at First Parish are involved in the work of justice, and how we might take that to the next step.  Our choirs will be singing and drummers playing the message of justice.  Our service will be led by the Rev. Tom Rosiello, with assistance  from our Director of Religious Education Michelle Cote, our children and youth, members of our Social Justice Task Force, and of course, our great musicians!

Sunday, September 18th, 2011


When the Dali Lama was once asked to describe his religion, he quickly responded "My Religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." Teachings of kindness and compassion are at the heart of every major world religion, but translating this teaching into practice is quite another thing.  We will explore what it could mean to live a religion of kindness. This service will also serve as an introduction to a new program being offered this year and led by Rev. Rosiello called "12 Steps to a Compassionate Life," based on Karen Armstrong's recent book by that title. The children's message will focus on the parable of the Good Samaritan. Our service will be full of music and readings about the religion of kindness from various traditions.  This would be an excellent service for a visitor to experience the breadth of Unitarian Universalism. FPC members are encouraged to bring a neighbor or a friend to the service.

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Two Sunday Services Begin

This Sunday we open wide the doors of the church to welcome all to the beginning of our new church year.To paraphrase our opening hymn: "We will gather in the spirit, harvest the power of community and with our lives kindle one flame."

In this service we will be reminded of the importance of liberal religious community. The Rev. Tom Rosiello will lead the service which will include remembrances of those who lost their lives in September 11, 2001 and prayers for peace in our world. He will deliver a sermon entitled, "Ten  Year Later." There will be a special interactive message for our children at the beginning of the service after which they will leave to begin this year’s religious education program.  Music at both services will be provided by our two new musicians, Music Director , Mike Pfitzer and pianist/organist, Sanghee Kim.  They will be joined by our Adult Choir at the 11 AM service. 

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

In Fellowship Hall

Our last informal Summer Service for this year will be led by our minister, Tom Rosiello.  On this Labor Day Weekend our focus will be on the role of work in our lives. Some of us have jobs we love while others work just to have an income so they can afford to do the things they care about outside of work. Some of us are retired or unemployed. Some of us do an incredible amount of volunteer work and others work as stay at home moms or dads.  Our religious roots are firmly planted in the "Puritan Work Ethic" and we come from a theological tradition that emphasizes "Deeds not Creeds."  So, how important is work in your life? What is the relationship between your work and who you are?
Instead of a sermon you will be invited to participate in a guided discussion on this topic. We will gather in song, and some of our regular elements of worship will be back. We will light candles of joy and concern. There will be a children’s message about work and an opportunity for children to share separately on this topic as well. As part of the children's message we will be talking about "tools" that we use in our work and will create a display on our altar table.  You are encouraged to bring a tool that you use to do your  job...maybe a stethoscope, a paint brush , a hammer, a garden tool ( no need to bring your computer, we will put out one lap top to represent all of us who do our work on a computer).  This is a service for the entire family. New folks are most welcome. 

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.

There was once a time when religion alone described the world.  Then along came science with its methods of testing for truth, in many cases challenging the foundations of the old religions.   Can science replace religion?  Or can they co-exists peacefully?  Are there things beyond the reach of science?  Come explore these issues with us.

A video will presented.  Commentary and discussion to follow.  This service will led by the Quantum Questions book discussion group.

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.

The service will led by Meg Costello.  It will be based upon a presentation she recently gave at the Working Class Studies Conference in Chicago.  Music will be provided by Ralph Deflorio.

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.

Come join together to experience our community through song -- familiar songs  from the hymnal,  rounds we grew up with, as well as a couple of easy musical adventures with our voices. If you have a simple round you would like to share, please bring it along.  Ann Sadler's Small Group Ministry group will be leading the service.

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

No service in Stow

This year’s joint summer service of the Harvard, Littleton, and Stow/Acton UU churches will be in Harvard in the church’s Fellowship Building, 7 Elm Street near the Common.

The service is modeled after a Sunday morning, minister-led service and incorporates worship traditions from the three churches.   Rev. Michelle Walsh will lead the worship service, entitled: The Platinum Rule— Walking a Mile in Another’s Shoes.

There will be a “pick-up” choir. Ted Johnson, Music Director of Harvard, will direct the choir. Rehearsal begins at 8:30AM and all singers are welcome. The choir will sing a choral introit and anthem.

Children are welcome. However, baby-sitting is not offered, and there are no Religious Education programs during the summer.

Refreshments will be served after the service.

Directions to the Harvard UU Church can be found here.

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.
"Well, if we're all supposed to be created equal, I guess that means girls as well as boys." --Marcia Brady
In this service, we will explore our attitudes about gender, talking about the messages we received about gender growing up, how language impacts our beliefs about gender, and ways that we can challenge gender norms.  How does (or should) our UU faith impact our own actions related to gender? We hope this service will be highly conversational.  Join us!
This service will be led by Whitney Retallic and Erica Labb.