Accessibility at FPC

First Parish Church has made strides in becoming a more accessible building and community for everyone. Our Sanctuary is wheelchair accessible, as is Fellowship Hall and our Community Room, where most of our church meetings are held. An elevator at the Fellowship Hall entrance (glass doors) gives access to all three floors of our building. We also have accessible restrooms on all three floors.

For those with Limited Mobility: We have two accessible (or disability) parking spaces at the entrance to Fellowship Hall (glass doors). Remember that use of these spaces requires a disability plate or placard. In addition, we have a push-button automatic door opener at the Fellowship Hall entrance.

For those with Limited Hearing: There are a few personal amplification devices that are available. Ask one of the ushers for assistance. In addition to these devices, our services are broadcast on FM radio station 107.7. Currently we have several radios available to loan, and people are welcome to bring their own radios and headphones for listening.

Also, our online services now have a closed captioning option. If the Closed Captioning option is not turned on, you can use the button at the bottom of your screen to request that the host turn it on.

For those with Limited Vision: On Sunday mornings, large print service bulletins and hymnals are always available. For many other church events, large print materials are available (or available upon request).

In our Religious Education Classes: Parents should discuss their child’s needs (physical, emotional, developmental, or allergies) with our Director of Religious Education. 

We wish to welcome all people to our programs. If you have a question or concern about an accessibility issue that you do not see addressed here, please email