Past Services

Sunday, November 25th, 2012


Today we will introduce a series of services which will focus on the symbol of light in many different religious traditions.  This will be a service of stories and songs about holidays of light that occur in different religions of the World at this time of the year.  It will be led jointly by Michelle Cote, our Director of Religious Education and Mike Pfitzer, our Music Director.

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Together as an inter-generational community we will give thanks. We will sing traditional Thanksgiving hymns and be treated to a bounty of beautiful music from our FPC choirs and Musicians of all Ages. The service will be led by our minister Tom Rosiello assisted by our music team, and director of religious education and our student minister, as well as children and youth. The service will include the traditional ritual of breaking and sharing of great bread that will be baked for us by the junior youth group.

Please bring non-perishable food and toiletries to the service which will be donated to the Stow Food Pantry.

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

With the passing of George McGovern, a true war hero and a strong opponent to the Vietnam war, we are reminded of the tension that has existed and still exists between veterans and many in our society.  We will explore our attitudes towards veterans and how we as a nation treat those who have served our nation, especially those who have sustained serious injury. We will also together in spoken words and song honor those who served our country in the military and at the same time pray what is said to be the prayer of every veteran, a prayer to end all war. 

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

This is the time of year when we focus on the bounty of our lives.  It can be so easy to take for granted all that we have. This evening we will reflect upon the blessings of our lives.  Vespers is a candle light service of readings, music, and silence.  It is the perfect way to end a busy day. You are invited to bring a poem or reading about gratitude to share with others. Jonathan and Evan Daisy will join other FPC musicians for this Vespers service.

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

New Member Sunday

On Wednesday November 7, (assuming the election is not so close that it takes weeks to determine the winner), about one half of the country will wake to discover their candidate won the election and the other almost half of the country will learn their candidate lost.  We will look back at the process and forward to where we go from here. We will ask ourselves, regardless of who won the election, what can we learn from it? This Sunday there will be an opportunity in our service to join the church.  At both services the sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Tom Rosiello and the anthem will be Somos el Barco, a beautiful song that reminds us all of our oneness and interdependence.

Sunday, October 28th, 2012


With inspiring music from our choirs, soloists and instrumentalists, we will remember those loved ones we have lost, especially those who died in the last year. With words and music we will bring them close again. Everyone is invited to bring a photo or memento of a deceased loved one to help us create our beautiful "All Souls Day Altar of Remembrance." At the end of the service we will plant daffodils in front of the church which will rise up in the spring reminding us of how the loved ones who have died live on with us in spirit.  If you would like to donate some daffodil bulbs in memory of a loved one please contact the office a 978 897 8149 for more information.

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Gathered as a community of love and compassion we will explore the difficult question on which we will be asked to vote in the upcoming election.  Ballot question 2 asks us to vote for or against legalizing physician assisted suicide or what proponents of the bill call "death with dignity.”  This is a very complex end of life issue that raises many serious moral and ethical questions and we will try to look at all sides of the issue.  The sermon will delivered by the Rev Tom Rosiello.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

A Candle Light Choral Vesper Service

Autumn has arrived.  In the words of John Keats as set in an anthem by Will Chiles that the choir will sing at this service, "How Beautiful the Season! How fine and sharp the air!" Come Autumn time here in New England, we experience both the beauty of the season's brilliant colors, the pure sunlight and sharp air, as well as a sense of sadness as the summer plants die and the leaves fall.  It too is atime when the days are getting shorter, and we move inward to warm ourselves at the hearth.  So many different feelings rise up in each of us at this time of year.  We will celebrate the season and reflect upon the meaning we draw from it with a beautiful choral vesper service at 6:45 PM on Thursday, October 18. The First Parish Adult and Youth Choirs, under the direction of Mike Pfitzer, will be singing chants and anthems of the season, and they will be joined by guest soloist, Caitlin Felsman who will perform Roger Quilter's, "Autumn Evening."  Our organist and pianist, Sanghee Kim, will be joined by Jonathan Daisy, flute, Heather Sugioka, oboe, and other church instrumentalists. The service will be led by The Rev. Tom Rosiello, with assistance from Trisha Guditz, Worship Associate. In addition to beautiful choral and instrumental music, the service will also include poems and other readings, hymns, and a short reflection on the season.  There will also be an opportunity to light candles and share thoughts as well as a time of silent prayer and reflection.  Come and feed your soul.  This service is the perfect way to end a hectic day. All are welcome and we hope you will join us.

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

In the words of Shakespeare, "To thy own self be true," but being who we really are is not always easy. Sometimes it is easier to pretend to be someone else, but there is a high price to pay for living a life that is not your own.  This past week marked The National Coming Out Day for GBLT individuals. This morning we will focus on how important it is to truly be yourself. This will be an uplifting and affirming service with our regular musical team as well as members of our FPC Jazz Band contributing their talents at both services.

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

So many of us have had health scares, gone through serious medical treatment and in one way or another have had the realization that, "We all live on borrowed time," thrust upon us.  It can be scary, even depressing, or it can challenge us to live every day to the fullest and recognize each moment as the precious gift that it is. At both services, our music director, Mike Pfitzer will sing the beautiful song, "We all Live on Borrowed Time” by David Friedman and organ and piano music will be provided by Sanghee Kim.