Opera On Tap Celebrates The Notorious RBG

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 - 7:00PM
Thursday Oct. 22, 2020

FPC Music presents a streaming concert featuring Opera On Tap (OOT).  The concert theme is “OOT Celebrates: The Notorious RBG.”

Opera On Tap is a national organization that brings opera and classical music to bars and other unlikely venues.

Join us for a musical celebration of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an avid opera fan and lifelong supporter of the arts. Singers share pieces from some of RBG’s favorite operas, as well as stories from her remarkable life. 

OOT is also joined by their friends at Emerge America who are carrying on the legacy of RBG by supporting and uplifting female candidates across the country. 

Suggested donation $15.  Donations support the artists of OOT Boston and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Emerge America. 


The Zoom link is: https://zoom.us/j/94821121760?pwd=SjFvc1k0bmlVdllrV2FObDNXdkZEQT09