“Changing the World, One Book at a Time”

Sunday, May 28, 2023
10 AM in the Sanctuary or online/phone

- Rev. Tom Rosiello

Books open doors, cultivate understanding of others, and bring joy. Giving a child a book and teaching them to read dramatically changes their life for the better and in turn even changes the world. In the US, we take reading for granted but in Mexico many children have never owned a book, even schools in poor communities have few, if any, books. On this Sunday our minister emeritus, The Rev Tom Rosiello, will lead worship. Tom is now minister in San Miguel de Allende Mexico where the UU congregation supports books for children by working with "Libros para Todos." (This is one of the non profit organizations which will get a portion of FPC's summer collections.) The service will focus on opening the world of reading to children in Mexico while also reflecting upon the doors of learning and understanding that are being closed with the increased banning of books in the United States.  

The Reverend Thomas A. Rosiello, Minister emeritus, served First Parish Church from 2002 to 2017, a 15-year ministry. Tom contributed to the growth and vitality of our church—expanding our community, our programming, our campus, and most of all, our spirit. Tom served our congregation with compassion and intelligence, and often spoke out on issues of social justice, leading initiatives to recognize the rights and dignity of all persons and putting his beliefs into action on his journey. Upon his retirement in 2017, the congregation voted unanimously, with deep respect and gratitude, to designate Tom as our Minister emeritus. This honor recognizes and sustains our continuing, but changed, relationship with Tom.

Masks are required in the sanctuary, with the exception of being optional for speakers, soloists, and in the balcony.

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