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Listed below are audio recordings of selected Sunday 11:00AM services. To hear a service simply click on the red side of the audio player of the one you would like to hear. Alternatively, you can click on the .mp3 link to download the service to your computer or mobile device. Note: Due to limitations with FPC's current audio system, the sound quality for most musical segments was very poor. As such, many of these pieces have not been included. We are working on upgrading the system so that the complete services can be heard. Also, for reasons of privacy, the "Joys and Concerns" segments have been excluded. Should you have difficulty playing these recordings please contact: An RSS feed of the audio services is available here: Subscribe to FPC of Stow & Acton Services

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

For the past month we have been engaging with challenges that immigrants face within our community. This morning in our worship we will take a step back and look at what gives rise to many of those issues. How we treat the stranger in our midst has been a question religion has addressed for thousands of years.  We will examine the laws, attitudes and policies of our society in light of the moral teachings of ancient religions and the principles of our 21st century faith.  

Following the second service (at 12:45 PM)  there will be a forum featuring speakers from several organizations that assist immigrants in our community. A light soup lunch will be served. Please come and learn more about the local aspect of this issue and perhaps discover ways you can put your faith into action. ( More information about the Forum by "clicking" on The Immigrant Experience in Our Neighborhood on right)

      The worship will be led and the forum will be moderated by the Rev. Tom Rosiello


Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Over the past 5 years our minister Tom Rosiello has spent some time in Mexico. He will share some of his experiences and thoughts about learning from the interaction with other cultures and places.  Our music will include Spanish songs and hymns, and will have a “Latin flavor.” 

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

We often inquire about each other's physical health but we rarely ask someone, "How are things going in your spiritual life?"  This morning we will focus on how we care for that dimension of our lives, and how important it is to do so. Are you feeling spiritually connected?  If not, come and explore how you can.  Worship will be led by The Rev. Tom Rosiello. At 11 AM our Adult Choir will sing a new anthem entitled, "May I Be Still" and given in honor of Nancy Grimes and Ed Steinfeld's marriage.

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

One Hundred years ago the Reverend Charles W. Eliot delivered an address at Harvard Divinity School entitled, “The Religions of the Future”. This morning we will examine his predictions and focus on what are the different characteristics of a religion that will be relevant in our time and in the future. Worship will be led by, The Reverend Tom Rosiello. 

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Where we end up so often depends upon how high we set our sights. So often we can accomplish far more than we thought we could by keeping our sights set on a lofty goal.  Our Worship will be led by Rev. Tom Rosiello. Members of FPC Drums will enliven our worship and our choir will sing Randall Thompson’s wonderful setting of Robert Frost’s poem “Something Like A Star” at the 11 AM Service.

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Worship will be led by Rev. Tom Rosiello with music provided by the Parish Jazz band at both services, FPC singers at the 9 AM service and the Adult Choir at 11 AM.  We primarily remember Dr. King for his work as a leader of the movement for racial equality in this country. But that was not the only social justice issue on which Dr. King spoke out.  Particularly in the later years of his life, he spoke out against war and for all the poor in America. We will hear Dr. King’s prophetic words again and apply them to our own time. Our music will include great spirituals and songs of justice.

Thursday, December 15th, 2011


These words come from a text by hymn writer, Ruth Duck. In this service we will share them in a beautiful musical setting, and share our thoughts on this time of winter. This season of cold and darkness is also the season of candles, fire and increasing light. You are invited to bring a poem or short reading about the season to share.  Music will be provided by Mike Pfitzer and Sangee Kim, and will include piano, organ, and vocal solos. This is the perfect opportunity to pause and refresh your spirit in the midst of the hectic holiday season. Vespers is a monthly service of readings, sharing, candle-lighting, music and silence.  Please join us. 

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Association Sunday

We are “pulling out all the stops” for Association Sunday to celebrate the importance of being part of the Association of Unitarian Universalist churches.  Our Jazz band, drummers, and choirs will fill the service with exciting music.  Worship will be led by the Rev. Tom Rosiello with special guest preacher, the Rev. John Crestwell, a member of the UUA President’s Advisory Council.  His sermon is entitled “Why I am a Unitarian Universalist.”  He will share an inspiring story of how his faith saved his life.  This year all the proceeds raised on Association Sunday will go to support professional education and development for ministers, religious educators and musicians.  There will be a special collection taken up for this purpose. 

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

October is our Urban Ministry monthPlease see page 9 in this newsletter to learn about all the ways you can be part of that ministry.  This morning, in a rousing worship service, we will look beyond the confines of FPC and celebrate our connection to the UU Urban Ministry.  Our guest preacher will be Sam Williams Chief  Operating Officer for the Urban Ministry.  Sam will share with us the wonderful work that we as a congregation help to accomplish.

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

This morning we will draw on the Jewish High Holy Days for our inspiration.  Much of our music will be from the Jewish tradition and our youth will be performing their own adaptation of the Biblical story of Jonah and the Ninevites.  The Rev. Tom Rosiello will preach a sermon entitled "Letting Go" based on the Yom Kippur teaching that once a year we need to take stock of our lives and find ways to "let go" of past hurts, wrongs, and even our guilt of not doing what we ought to have done.  Sometimes forgiveness can be the most difficult thing asked of us. Sometimes, because of the magnitude of the wrong committed, it doesn't feel just or right to forgive.  Even forgiving ourselves is no easy task. This morning we will focus on the importance of this practice of "letting go" of rancor, hurt, and disappointment so that we can begin our lives anew.


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