Celebrating May Day.... the green roots and the red roots

Sunday, May 1, 2011
at 11 AM
Only one Service in Stow at 11 AM
(There will also be a service for those on retreat at Ferry Beach, led by soon-to-be-ordained Walter LeFlore)

Today is May Day. It is both an ancient pagan holiday that celebrates the end of winter with flowers, May baskets and Maypole dances, and in many countries, a day when the rights of workers are celebrated. This morning we will explore both and consider what meaning they may have for us.  We certainly need to rejoice in the  spring's beauty after such a tough winter and it seems like a most appropriate time to look at the moral issues that surround the treatment of workers in our own country and abroad.   Worship will be led by Rev. Tom Rosiello. Music will be provided by pianist Barbara Jones, and will include selections from Edward Grieg's "Holberg Suite".