Seven Weeks for the Seventh Principle

From March 3 to April 22 (Earth Day) this year we're inviting FPC members to participate in a special commitment to the earth sponsored by our Climate Task Force and Rev. Cindy.  “Seven Weeks for the Seventh Principle” invites you to make a seven-week commitment to a personal action that will reduce carbon emissions.   We'll share ideas every week in the order of service, or you can find your own.  The full list of ideas we'll be sharing appears here. 

With the current discussion in our larger society on the “Green New Deal,” we think this time period in our liturgical year is a great opportunity to deepen in spiritual practices that connect us to the earth.  Giving up something or changing your lifestyle to be in deeper connection with the Earth can be a spiritual practice.  Our UU Christians understand stewardship of the Earth as part of their faith, and we're inviting UU Christians who practice Lent to dedicate their Lenten practice to caring for the Earth.  For our UU Pagans, a deep connection to the Earth is at the heart of their faith.  And for our Humanists, responding to the human-caused harm to the planet is an important ethical concern.  For all Unitarian Universalists, our seventh principle is respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.  Our “Seven Weeks for the Seventh Principle” project can be a way to unite our theologies in a common mission.

Personal Actions that Can Lower Your Carbon Emissions and Protect the Interconnected Web

Personal actions can make a difference for the environment. Here are some actions you can take to lower your own carbon emissions…


Annual CO2 Reductions

Drive your gas-powered car less (or switch to electric). Drive 50 miles/month less in a car with 21 mpg =

-.33 tons

Use more public transportation.  Leave your car at home two days a week =

-.79 tons

Eat less red meat. Cutting meat consumption by half significantly reduces an average American’s emissions.

-.75 tons

Buying local food.

-.18 tons

Recycling all household newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal.

-.42 tons

Refuse bottled water.

-.25 tons

Wash clothes in cold water in 2 loads/week.

-.28 tons

Reduce thermostat by 2 degrees in winter, increase by 2° in summer.

-1 ton

Switch incandescent light bulb to CFL or LED.

-.05 tons per bulb

Turn it off! Lights, computers, TVs, electronic equipment when not in use.

-.05 tons

Not using a dryer – hang your clothes on the line or on clothes racks to dry.

-.37 tons