Past Services

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.

Led by Rebecca Stadolnik.  During this service, Rebecca will facilitate a discussion on the role of the body in helping people experience spirituality, including perspectives from Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, medical science and more.

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

This lay led service will be held in Fellowship Hall.

We all have had fathers; many still do and some have or had more than one. Most of us got to have a relationship with our fathers, though some of us know of them only through others' memories and stories only. Some of us are fathers and yet others are partners with a father.

We'll take this opportunity to reflect on fathers and fatherhood.  Perhaps you will recall a pleasant memory with that special person.  Maybe you remember the struggles that you and your father have or had. Maybe your father was a partner in your spiritual growth or taught you life lessons that you have incorporated into your world view. Or your father is growing into a new phase of life, has shown you some part of him that was a surprise to you, is being challenged.  Or you, as a father, are learning what your father had to deal with!

We would love for people of all ages to participate in this observation of Father's Day.  Please share your stories, memorabilia, appreciations, and experiences of fathers.

The service will be led by Lee Cooprider.

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Yes, on this one Sunday you can bring your coffee to worship!  In fact, as we gather, the Minister and the Committee on Ministry will be serving coffee, juice and donuts in front of the church.  Then we will be called to gather on the side lawn of the church by our FPC Drummers! Our own piper, Ethan Mattor will lead our children in procession to our place of worship.

This will be a fun, informal service of stories and singing and sharing. DRESS CASUALLY and BRING A CHAIR OR BLANKET TO SIT ON!  Some chairs will be provided for senior members.

Don’t forget our annual picnic will immediately follow the service.If the weather isn’t kind, we will have the service and the picnic in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

An Intergenerational Service led by our Minister, Tom Rosiello.

We bring our regular season of Sunday Morning Worship in our sanctuary to a close with our beautiful flower communion ritual.  Please be sure to bring a cut flower or two.  We will bring them all together in one bouquet symbolizing the unity in our diversity.  In doing so, we will recognize the many blessings, gifts and talents we each bring to this community.  In gratitude for all we receive from others in our church community we will leave with the flower that another person brought.  Two members of our Youth Group will perform a short skit entitled “A Dialogue about Flowers and Men” written many years ago for this special Sunday by our late Minister Emeritus, The Rev. Don Kafka.  Our Adult and Youth choirs under the direction of Ellen Oak will be providing beautiful music.

This is a very meaningful service that really communicates what is at the heart of our faith tradition.  If you have a friend or neighbor who you think might be interested in Unitarian Universalism, this would be a great service to invite them to attend.  Also, during the service there will be an opportunity to sign our membership book and officially join our church.

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

First Sunday on our Summer Schedule - Only ONE SERVICE at 10 AM
Memorial Day Weekend

We will together create this Memorial Day Service. If you would like to participate in the service or share thoughts about what Memorial Day means to you, please contact Rev Tom Rosiello at  If you  are  a veteran, we especially invite you to participate or share your thoughts.  Music for this service will be provided by our Jazz Band.

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Youth Sunday

9 AM "Elevator Speeches"

Unitarian Universalism can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So when someone asks you what do Unitarian Universalists believe, what do you say? Hopefully you don't say "anything you want!"

We know there is much more to it than that. Several years ago, in response to the challenge to better articulate our faith, our UUA President challenged all of us to create what he called an "Elevator Speech." By that he meant a short answer, one that you could deliver in the time it takes for an elevator door to close and  open on the next floor.  He asked us to answer the question, "What Is Unitarian Universalism?" or "What do Unitarian Universalist believe?" Would you be willing to take a crack at it?  We hope to get a variety of folks with different perspectives, long time members and new members to write one.  If you are willing to do so, please let Tom know at Even if you will not be at this service, you can still participate by emailing your elevator speech to Tom. It would be helpful if you could email it to him by Wednesday May 18 in order to best organize the service.

11 AM Youth Sunday Service

This service is being planned and executed by our youth.  They will be providing the music and the message. At this service our Coming of Age Candidates will complete their year-long program and deliver their "credo statements." This annual service is always a wonderful event. Please come and support our youth.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Religious Educator Recognition Sunday

We have been hearing voices of freedom and democracy rising up in countries around the world. Individual freedom and an equality of voice in decision-making are considered basic human rights in our post-Enlightenment western society, but in many other cultures this is not the case. In many of those countries, the religious traditions, although sometimes desiring regime change, are very reluctant to embrace real freedom and democracy for their followers. Religions in general are often organizations where individual freedoms of thought and belief are discouraged and authoritarian rule is the norm. But not in our case. As a religion which grew up in the Enlightenment, freedom and democracy have long been core "religious values" for us. This morning we will explore those values. In both services we will also recognize our RE teachers and leaders who help to grow an understanding for these and all our religious values and teachings in our children.  Pianist Nick Warseck will be back, and we will sing songs of freedom.

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

We have all had a part in helping to make Walter a minister, and we all will come together to ordain him. We will be joined by members of the clergy from far and near in this great celebration. Our choir, under the direction of Ellen Oak, will be joined by pianists/organists Malcolm Halliday and Ted Johnson to provide music and lead us in song. You do not want to miss this exciting celebration of a member of our church becoming a minister in our faith tradition. Please make every effort to attend. A reception will follow in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

In many circles of western society, religion has a pretty bad name. In a world where heinous crimes are perpetrated in the name of religion and where reason and scientific thinking are dismissive of biblical stories, many people have not surprisingly rejected traditional religion. It is easy to say that we have little need for religion today, but to do so would be "throwing the baby out with the bath water."  Properly understood, religion is not about faith in a set of beliefs, but is a lived community experience that invites us to engage in a quest for that place of fullness to which we orient ourselves morally and spiritually. The choice between religion or no religion is a choice between living our lives naively and superficially, or deeply engaging with our spiritual and moral selves and in relationship with others, who will challenge and support us on our journey towards a fuller life experience. Worship will be led by Rev. Tom Rosiello.

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Only one Service in Stow at 11 AM
(There will also be a service for those on retreat at Ferry Beach, led by soon-to-be-ordained Walter LeFlore)

Today is May Day. It is both an ancient pagan holiday that celebrates the end of winter with flowers, May baskets and Maypole dances, and in many countries, a day when the rights of workers are celebrated. This morning we will explore both and consider what meaning they may have for us.  We certainly need to rejoice in the  spring's beauty after such a tough winter and it seems like a most appropriate time to look at the moral issues that surround the treatment of workers in our own country and abroad.   Worship will be led by Rev. Tom Rosiello. Music will be provided by pianist Barbara Jones, and will include selections from Edward Grieg's "Holberg Suite".