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Listed below are audio recordings of selected Sunday 11:00AM services. To hear a service simply click on the red side of the audio player of the one you would like to hear. Alternatively, you can click on the .mp3 link to download the service to your computer or mobile device. Note: Due to limitations with FPC's current audio system, the sound quality for most musical segments was very poor. As such, many of these pieces have not been included. We are working on upgrading the system so that the complete services can be heard. Also, for reasons of privacy, the "Joys and Concerns" segments have been excluded. Should you have difficulty playing these recordings please contact: An RSS feed of the audio services is available here: Subscribe to FPC of Stow & Acton Services

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Why Belong to a Church? This morning at both the 9 AM and the 11 AM service we will invite folks to join the church by signing our membership book.  We will together explore the many reasons why a church like ours is important in our lives.  Being part of a church community has benefits that are not available in any other kind of organization.  We hope you will be with us to explore this topic.  If you have decided that FPC is the right Spiritual home for you, we would love to welcome you into membership this Sunday.   If you have any questions about membership or are planning to join this Sunday, please contact Joleen Sullivan our Membership Coordinator or 978-897-8149.

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

We  will explore one of the most ancient of Bible stories -- the Story of Noah's Ark, and you might be surprised by the many lessons for living a good life that are found in that story.   At the 11 AM service we will have a special ceremony to begin our Coming of Age Program.  Worship at both services will be led by our minister, Tom Rosiello and music will be provided by our Music Director, Mike Pfitzer and Organist/Pianist, Sanghee Kim with the Adult Choir singing at the 11 AM service.  At the 9 AM service our young children will explore this great story with a fun song led by Pat Sorn and our Children's Choir.

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Together as an inter-generational community we will give thanks. We will sing traditional Thanksgiving hymns and be treated to a bounty of beautiful music from our FPC choirs and musicians of all ages. Our minister, Tom Rosiello, assisted by our director of religious education, as well as children and youth, will lead the service. It will include the traditional ritual of breaking and sharing of bread which will be baked for us by the junior youth group. Please bring non-perishable food and toiletries to the service which will be collected and donated to the Stow Food Pantry.

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

In the past few weeks our attention has been drawn to domestic violence against women and children because of the highly visible cases of professional football player perpetrators, but every day in our own community, women, men, and children suffer verbal and physical abuse and often endure it in silence. It is a painful topic to discuss, particularly for those who have been victims. We do so this morning with the hope that by shinning the light of truth and by bringing our compassion and the principles of our faith to this problem, we can help those who are in abusive situations.  In addition to our worship service this morning,  there will be a forum in our community room after each service to learn more about this problem in our community, how to get help, and the what each of us can do to help those who are the victims of violence.

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

In the biblical story of Elijah we hear that he encounters his God, not in big and powerful forces, but in a "still small voice."  We will explore this kind of God in our worships service.  At the 11 AM service our choir will sing selections from Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn.  Our minister, the Rev Tom Rosiello, will lead the worship service.

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

The Jewish High Holidays are a time to take stock of our lives, forgive ourselves and others, and begin anew in love. This Sunday we will observe the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur by focusing on how important forgiveness and letting go of our anger and pain are to a healthy life. During our Message for all Ages, in spoken words and songs, we will retell the story of Jonah and his encounter with the Ninevites and discover what it has to teach us. The services will be led by the Rev. Tom Rosiello with Mike Pfitzer, as vocal soloist and song leader, and Sanghee Kim, pianist/organist.

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

So often we believe the cards are stacked against us.  The word belongs to the powerful.  The big guys win.  This morning we will look at the biblical story of  David and Goliath and consider what can make it possible for the ‘Davids’ of our world to win.  The Rev. Tom Rosiello will preach the sermon.

Sunday, September 21st, 2014



9 AM "Children’s Dedication Service"

All Ages Welcome~There are no Religious Education Classes Today

Our new Connector building will serve all ages.  In a special ceremony starting in our church, our children will move throughout our Connector Building stopping at various rooms to learn about them and dedicate them.  At the end, they will participate in creating squares for a new children’s quilt to hang in the Connector.  Music for this service will be will consist of songs for all ages, led by our music director Mike Pfitzer, children’s music director, Pat Sorn, and members of our FPC musical community. Nursery care will be provided at both services for children age 4 and under.

11 AM "Let This Gift Live On"

Junior and senior youth are invited to participate in this service.   Families with younger children are encouraged to attend the 9am service.  No Religious Education classes.

Join former Intern Minister, Rev. Rebecca Benefiel Bijur, and Rev. Tom Rosiello for a lively service celebrating the new building and reflecting on the gifts that live on in our lives, and what it means to accept and leave a legacy. Music will be provided by our music director Mike Pfitzer and pianist/organist Sanghee Kim.

Rev. Rebecca Benefiel Bijur is the 9th settled minister of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, California. She lives 18 blocks from the Pacific Ocean with her husband Jonathan and their two children. She was ordained by this congregation in 2010. Nursery care will be provided for children age 4 and under.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

The three great monotheistic traditions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all are said to have Abraham as a common ancestor.  Abraham’s tent was said to be open on all sides so as to welcome the stranger from every direction.  The stories of Abraham teach us about tolerance and learning to live with those who believe differently, even to bring them into your tent.  This idea is part of our Unitarian Universalist Faith tradition. Yet we know that in our own country and throughout the world, so often Jewish Christians and Muslims claim their faith as the only true faith and all others as unwelcome. Instead of welcoming the stranger we wage war against them.  This past summer we have seen the conflict between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East increase.  We have witnessed in Syria and even in our own nation, disdain between Christians and Muslims.  What would it mean if each faith tradition really embraced the message of their common ancestor, Abraham? There are rays of hope.  Together we will pray for peace.  Our music will be songs of peace from all three traditions and will include a recent anthem with words written by an Arab and the music by a Jew as a protest against those who are fueling war between them justified on religious grounds.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014


We officially mark the beginning of another church year with this Ingathering Service. Whether it will be your first service with us or you have been attending for years, we will “Welcome You Home.”  Worship will be led by the Rev Tom Rosiello with assistance from Mike Pfizer, Sanghee Kim and Michelle Cote.  There will be players from our jazz band at both services and the Adult choir will sing "The Road Home" by Stephen Paulus  at the 11 AM service.  The sermon will explore the idea that the religious journey is a journey home and how this church is or can be your “spiritual home.”


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