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Listed below are audio recordings of selected Sunday 11:00AM services. To hear a service simply click on the red side of the audio player of the one you would like to hear. Alternatively, you can click on the .mp3 link to download the service to your computer or mobile device. Note: Due to limitations with FPC's current audio system, the sound quality for most musical segments was very poor. As such, many of these pieces have not been included. We are working on upgrading the system so that the complete services can be heard. Also, for reasons of privacy, the "Joys and Concerns" segments have been excluded. Should you have difficulty playing these recordings please contact: An RSS feed of the audio services is available here: Subscribe to FPC of Stow & Acton Services

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012


Earth, fire, air, and water. Since ancient times these have been considered the basic elements that support life on our planet. Today with help from members of our green team and FPC supporters of the  Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, we will focus on water. No life can exist without it and therefore all people have a right to safe, sufficient, affordable, accessible water for daily human needs. Our water is not a limitless resource and selling water has become a huge business.  Music Director Mike Pftizer and singers from our choirs will lead us in some Earth Day Songs and chants.

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

We are blessed to have so many children as part of our church. This Sunday we will begin both services with a Child Dedication ceremony.  At each service families with babies and older children who are new to our church or who have new children in their family will be participating.  Our entire service will focus on children; not a children’s service, but a service about being a child. It is not easy to be a child. Growing up can be a tough job. We will focus on the challenges our children face and how our community and liberal faith tradition can help. Our worship will be led by The Rev. Tom Rosiello and Director of Religious Education, Michelle Cote. 

Sunday, April 8th, 2012


Easter reminds us that the seemingly impossible can happen, that we can move beyond our pain and struggle and find new life.  Love is the catalyst that makes this possible. This morning we will celebrate how love can triumph!  Join us for an uplifting service full of  joy and hope. In addition to the Easter gospel there will also be poetry by e.e.cummings, a reading from Howard Thurman and the telling of the wonderful story for all ages of  “The Velveteen Rabbit.”  After the story, children will leave for a fun Easter Egg Hunt that also teaches them the Easter story.  Our choirs and soloist will be singing great Easter music and at the end of both services everyone will be invited to the choir in singing the famous Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah. Worship will be led by The Rev. Tom Rosiello. Music will be under the direction of Mike Pfitzer with Sanghee Kim as organist and pianist. A reception with coffee and "goodies" will follow each service in Fellowship Hall.  It will be a wonderful morning. Treat yourself to the experience and bring your family and friends.


Sunday, April 1st, 2012

This is Palm Sunday on the Christian calendar, a day when many churches focus on the meaning of Jesus’s life.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said of Jesus, “What a distortion (does) his doctrine and memory suffer.”  This morning we will look beyond those distortions and focus on the man Jesus, the Jewish teacher, prophet, and reformer, and the relevancy of his life and teachings to our inclusive religious movement.  We will ask the question, “Would Jesus, if he were alive today, be a Unitarian Universalist?” You might be surprised at the answer!  The worship service will be lead by The Rev. Tom Rosiello.  Our Adult Choir will sing Mendelsohn’s beautiful anthem, "How lovely are the Messengers" as well as other music at the 11 AM service.  Pianist Barbara Jones will perform music of Handel & Bach at both services. 

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Among Unitarian Universalistst here are many different ideas about God. Some hold to traditional beliefs, others reject the notion of a god altogether and many struggle with the theological question. Even in Biblical times there were many different ideas of God.  Liberal theological scholars of recent times have offered new ideas of how the "god concept" fits within the scientific and naturalistic worldview of our time. Together we will explore the "god question." Is the concept an outdated myth for you or is there an idea of God that is relevant to your life today?  The Rev. Tom Rosiello will be preaching and leading worship.  Both services will include a children's message on this topic and our Adult Choir, under the direction of Mike Pfitzer, will be singing at the 11 AM service. 

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

This morning we will rally our forces and pull out all the stops in a celebration of a "Great Day."  We will mark the completion of our annual Stewardship Campaign and the initial phase of our Capital Campaign. This Sunday all our choirs are singing and several talented musicians will be joining us at both services. Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends, we are on our way to an exciting new year and new chapter in the life of FPC. We are very blessed. Let's Celebrate!   

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

New Member Sunday

This is a very special Sunday. At both of our services there will be an opportunity to join our church. We expect to break 300 members this Sunday morning for the first time in our history.  We will welcome these new members and recognize what they bring to us and what we have to offer to them. Our choir will welcome our new members with the anthem "You are the New Day." The Sermon will focus on the Future of Democracy. It comes as a surprise to some that one of the principles we affirm as Unitarian Universalists is "the use of the democratic process." Democracy is a vital part of our faith tradition.  With the enormous contributions individuals are making to PACs on both sides of the political aisle, with single individuals contributing tens of millions of dollars to seemingly buy support for particular issues, and with lobbyists seeming to control the votes of many of our representatives, there is a real question about the future of democracy in our nation. The Rev. Tom Rosiello will lead worship and preach on this important moral issue. 


Sunday, March 4th, 2012

For the past month we have been engaging with challenges that immigrants face within our community. This morning in our worship we will take a step back and look at what gives rise to many of those issues. How we treat the stranger in our midst has been a question religion has addressed for thousands of years.  We will examine the laws, attitudes and policies of our society in light of the moral teachings of ancient religions and the principles of our 21st century faith.  

Following the second service (at 12:45 PM)  there will be a forum featuring speakers from several organizations that assist immigrants in our community. A light soup lunch will be served. Please come and learn more about the local aspect of this issue and perhaps discover ways you can put your faith into action. ( More information about the Forum by "clicking" on The Immigrant Experience in Our Neighborhood on right)

      The worship will be led and the forum will be moderated by the Rev. Tom Rosiello


Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Over the past 5 years our minister Tom Rosiello has spent some time in Mexico. He will share some of his experiences and thoughts about learning from the interaction with other cultures and places.  Our music will include Spanish songs and hymns, and will have a “Latin flavor.” 

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

We often inquire about each other's physical health but we rarely ask someone, "How are things going in your spiritual life?"  This morning we will focus on how we care for that dimension of our lives, and how important it is to do so. Are you feeling spiritually connected?  If not, come and explore how you can.  Worship will be led by The Rev. Tom Rosiello. At 11 AM our Adult Choir will sing a new anthem entitled, "May I Be Still" and given in honor of Nancy Grimes and Ed Steinfeld's marriage.


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